Iridium and AMX Remote Destop

Kent 8 years ago in Products / AMX updated by Jackie Roos 8 years ago 3


Is iridium i2 Control app installed in an iPad able to view and control a PC which has VNC server installed?

I have tried with correct IP, password and IP port set on a VNC server but on the iPad I am seeing only a blue screen.



The protocol behind VNC does not work if the screen to be controlled has a full-screen app

Solution: Reduce the size of the iRidium app by 1 pixel, eg instead of 1024x768 change to 1023x768. You will not be able to see the difference and VNC will work :)

Thanks for your reply. My resolution is 800x600, so I set it to 799x600 but still showing blue screen only.

Interesting. I have not used VNC on iPads, just windows PC's. Which VNC are you using? I use RealVNC. Perhaps try the VNC forums :)