Include Files with iRidium

Jackie Roos 8 years ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 8 years ago 5

I have come across an COM integration that requires the inclusion of either

- a dll

- or a c *.h & *.cpp files

Please add the ability to include files into the distribution

Waiting for user's reply

What do you mean, I do not quite understand. Add files to a project? The studio distribution?

Yes, add files to a project, like a dll so it can be used from iRidium.exe or iRidium server.

For COM integrations or other library integrations, there can be a DLL or as per the example above a header and a cpp file.

But then we get a platform-specific project, which runs on Win, but does not work on mobile platforms.

In this example, the inclusion of the *.h & *.cpp file in this example is for Mac's, and the dll for Windows.

So yes, the resultant project would be platform specific.

There are other examples of platform specific features in iRidium, such as IR.Execute.


Jackie, we analyzed the feature, but it would require too much modification. We reserve the idea for a vote.