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Can you tell me how to add this gooey button in Iridium GUI


Hi. Such button can be created through a script. Javascript.


get a round image and add that to the button

then either add an icon for the three lines


use fonts:

Yeah I have added three lines.Am new to this design and then how to proceed for that button. Kindly suggest me.


As in my answer above


in separate graphics software create the image you want with a transparent background, import the image into iRidium, drag the image onto a button


1. go to the gallery, select metro gallery | buttons & levels | Chameleon and drag onto page

2. select the button and go to states, change the font type to Others iRidium, put 9 in the text

This is what the screen shot is in my answer above


Hi. Look at a small example, probably it will help you. Button_example.irpz

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