Can AMX TP5 Projects be merged when importing?

Jackie Roos 8 years ago in Products / AMX updated 8 years ago 2


When importing a TP4/TP5 project into iridium, if that TP4/TP5 project has previously been imported, can this be merged? The same as when importing a KNX ETS project?

I am told each time a change is made in TP4/TP5, the iRidium project has to be re-made - how do we get around this problem?



Hello, you can open new TP project in studio, save as irpz and then Import AMX driver from the new project to the previous one (see Import > Iridium Archive Project *.irpz). When it's done, you can drag&drop the new channels from the new driver to the old one. This is how you can get around this problem.

As a regular solution we have to add TP4/TP5 file in "Import" tool to get only AMX channels without GUI. let's vote

Thanks Ekaterina :)