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Not possible to update studio

Thomasvandenberg 7 лет назад в Общий обновлен Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 7 лет назад 5

I want to update my studio but my studio says that I have the latest version(1.0.8). If I download the studio from the site I see there is a version 1.0.10. After installing the 1.0.10 version from the site, my studio software is 1.0.8. Why can't I update my studio with the update button in the studio?

Не ошибка

It's all right! Studio version is not version setup. The setup update other components. Studio latest version 1.0.8.

What is the value, to have a setup 1.0.10, but with a Studio 1.0.8 inside that setup, and a client 1.0.10, and a server 1.0.10? Why not all versions 'updated' to 1.0.10?

This is not clear for installers: to download a 1.0.10 setup, and then discovering the Studio is 1.0.8....



Because we have updated the other component, and the Studio did not change. In the next release, he will immediately become 10.0.11

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