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updating server overwrites server tags in database

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We have settings as server tags and have them set to store in DB:

Image 16699

But, every time I update the server project, these tag values are no longer in the database, it seems a new database overwrites the old

This is not good as we lose all our settings.

How can I stop this?

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The system database should not be overwritten with each update of the project. When you upgrade a project on the server, check the database size. Is he will change when you update the project?

The file of system database is in a folder C:\Users\User_Name\Documents\iRidium pro documents\Server\Database

i have not had time to look

but you can replicate by downloading an update to an iridium server project that has database tags. when the server starts, the previous values are not there.


In the latest available version the problem does not repeat.

Before the test I removed the system database, then started the server and loaded the project into him. In the project was created only one virtual variable which saved changes to a system database. Then I did some changes in this variable and shut down the server so he kept the changes to the database. Next, I checked what the changes are saved in the database

After that I several times restarted the server, done other changes in a variable, and re-load my project to the server. Then re-opened the database and all values remained in place.

Ok, I will try updating to the latest version after I test it to ensure no other issues stop the project working

DB save issue.docx

Attached is what is happening - I can close server and re open server, reboot PC, and all fine. But as soon as a new version is downloaded, the values are not there and it goes back to the default settings.

I will see if the new version fixes this for me.



Ok, let us know about the results.

Hello, is your problem still unresolved?