PLease include the lastest HDL Wireless devices in iRidium 3.x

Martin Lang 8 years ago in Products / HDL-BUS Pro updated 7 years ago 8


please include the latest HDL wireless components correctly

into iRidium 3.x

for example there are new "1channel relais", "2channel relais", "1channel curtain control" out

with changed id-codes depending on a new firmware in these modules. iRidium doesn't recognize

them correctly.

also, all these new HDL wireless devices have 4-dry-contact inputs.these should be also included

directly into each device. otherwise we allways have to write additional devices and give them the same subnetid/deviceid, thats bad.

also the outdoor microwave/lux/humidity/temperature sensor is not recognized corrects, along with the wireless dlp panels! they have inbuild dimmer support.

and last big question, is it possible to clone/copy a self created hdl-device after setting it up with all the commands and feedback-channels needed? i can't see this option in the list?


martin lang


Hello Martin

Yes you can clone HDL device with the Clone button:

We'll check for Database updates, thank you.

hi, that clone option is not available in studio in a server project???

also, it's really annoying that the server tags are sometimes moved completly away:

and please, include a sort method so we can sort server tags/feedbacks/commands in the list by either moving them up/down and/or making subgroups. also in the panel project when using the tags from the server.


Really, it is not done in the server project, we'll fix it.

clone device is still not available in server project studio :-(

please include it as soon as possible. new hdl wireless device ids not recognized by the hdl scanner.

This task under development now

still no clone function in 1.1.5??? really?