What EVENT will be triggered when updating the i3 server?

Martin Lang 7 jaar geleden in Server Solutions bijgewerkt door Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 7 jaar geleden 6


is there an event that would be triggered right before a new project

will be uploaded to the server to have time to save some data in the database?




Hi, there is no such event, but we can try to add IR.EVENT_EXIT in Server

Waiting for user's reply

In which case you need it? Why can change the project on the server?

To store values/variables at the exact time before the server gets an update. Or to do special switchover procedures for a backup server, etc. in case the new serverfile isn't working as expected.

I understand this) I do not understand when you can change the server project on the object? Is this a common situation that can occur without your permission?

it's not usual when an installation is finished, but for development. i have a server project here where i use variables to store different values/modes/etc. normal use. but i don't want to store them always in the database when they are changed. but i want to save the values in the user-database in the case the server gets a project update, especially while developing, so i can reload the variables/values right after the new projects starts up to work.


I understand, but I think you can use database always and have no problems. We will don't develop additional EVENT