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Stop IR not working

Maurits Roos 7 jaar geleden in Products / AV & Custom Systems bijgewerkt door Oksana (expert) 7 jaar geleden 4

I have converted projects from i2 to i3 and stop ir in global Cache driver dose nit work in i3

I have created new project put a button it with Clobal cache drive put a command on it on hold increased the repeat count and put a stop ir on release

Stop Ir does not work can you fix please

Under review

Hello Maurits

We checked with i3 driver and the command works. Please share the model of GC device in your project and a driver type from v2. It will be the best if you share the project where you faced with problem. Please send it to support@iridiummobile.ru

Hi Ekaterina


Have Found problem looks like in i3 in the object properties of a button we now have an end of hold command

In i2 the stop IR is on the release now it looks like if you hold the button you have to have a command on the end of hold because the command on the release does not work after you have initiated the hold command


When you upgrade a project from i2 to i3 the command on the release needs to be duplicated onto the end of hold when you do the upgrade because the release commands do not work after holding in the new i3 project you have to manually move the all the release commands to end of hold



Not a bug

Ok I think it is possible to duplicate commands on import, thank you, we'll make a task

Hello Maurits,

We update a convert in beta 1.1.3