2nd iRidium server in sleep mode?

Martin Lang 7 years ago in Server Solutions updated by anonymous 7 years ago 2


in your online tutorials you're saying that a second iRidium server can be running

in "sleep-mode" to take over when the primary server goes down or is not reachable?

can you point me to the docs how to set this up?


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Hello! For the moment we are talking only about hot standby.

You have to make a second server project with script that checks that the main Server is online. If the main Server offline, script starts the same drivers that works on Main server, connect to the equipment and ready to work.

Control panels have to reconnect to the second server automatically if the main Server offline (it is just a second simple script). So this is the way available right now. The official system of reservation is under development.

ok thx. this doesn't work with tcp server drivers on the server, but ok, its a solution. otherwise i think there are

solutions out for linux/raspian/etc so that a system is on standby and jumps in with the same mac/ip when the master system goes down, but thats a complete solution outside iridium server. best regards.

but the "online" check script on the panel is not a bad idea, could be also used to automatically switches between "home" and "outside" mode. check is the iridiumserver is online on the internal ip, if not, switch over to the public ddns adress... :-)