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How to prevent iRidium Server of storing "starting" null values?

Martin Lang 8 years ago in Server Solutions updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 7 years ago 4


how to prevent the iRidium server from storing the starting "null" values into the database?

normally the iRidium server starts up, connects to the different drivers and start collecting data and values, or data is sent to the iRidium server by other devices, etc. after every restart when uploading a new server file locally or via the cloud, all feedbacks are stored with "null/0" values for one entry.

this messes up the trendcharts!

so, how to prevent iRidium server of doing this, or how to delete the last database entries for feedbacks?

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hi! what is the drivers you use in the Server project. The database get a tags only on change, but if the driver init a channels with 0 value, it could be a problem. We have to check. If it possible please share a project

hi, its a "standard" project with a few Custom TCP/UDP drivers with feedbacks.

the drivers receive infos from devices, parse them, and store them in the feedbacks.

but when uploading a new server project, even in development via transfer, the server

receives the new project and restarts. automatically null/zero values are stored in the database

right at the beginning, first data from devices came in a few seconds later after start.

it depends on feedbacks, not on command channels.

can you tell me an email adress where to send the project? problem is still there with

We are in process, please wait a little, you'll see the information in Change log