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Iain Brew 6 years ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems updated by Andrey S 6 years ago 4

I recently worked on a project with 18 inputs, 16 outputs which follows a simple command structure syntax (r x y) x = input, y = output. I manually had to create 288 commands - time consuming! Could there be a tool made where you could import a CSV file (i.e. command name, data) or a tool to build a sequence of commands for matrixes?

For a bit more detail. Lets assume I have 8 inputs and 8 outputs. I would put in all my inputs and their names, same with outputs:

1 - DVD Player

2 - Computer


1 - TV

2 - Projector


Then I would define the syntax for the command i.e.

'r [x] [y]',0x0D

where x = input, y = output

Click generate and it would make a complete matrix of commands i.e.

DVD Player - TV ('r 1 1',0x0D)

DVD Player - Projector ('r 1 2',0x0D)

and so on. This automation would make creating video (or audio matrixes etc) much easier to set up rather than hand coding each individual matrix point by hand.

If not possible, the ability to import a CSV file would be handy i.e. row one = name, row two = data

It's better to you to put some JS code to generate commnad structure


Also you may unpack project file, edit .irp as XML and pack it back to zip archive (irpz).