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Hi there, I am trying to use HDL-ZAudio example but I found some problem.

If I use only the example file and emulate is OK.

If I merge my project with sample ZAudio project is OK.

But If I merge ZAudio project with my project, did not work, The Button to open Z-Audio has no command and I do not identify what command I need to use to run ZAudio, appear that has something running when open the project and I do not know why when merge it in my project it miss.


Waiting for user's reply


If I understand you correctly, you don't know what page to open when you press the button to open z-audio. Try pressing the button to open the page "Z-Audio" and popup "Z-Audio_S1-SD".

Like this:

Hi Dimitry

I had tried that before, no function
See picture attached, the pag open but no command work

Try to merge the zaudio example to any project to ser that

Thales Cavalcanti
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Hi, any new comment about this?


I would also like you tried to merge this project with others. And it work fine. Can you send your project in which you have not work the control of Z-Audio? Send it to us by mail support@iridiummobile.ru

Hello Dimitry, thanks again for your help.

I found a problem.

I am needing to press Local to connect before to start running the program.

Before I have this automaticly set to start locally, only press when need to do external.

What can be this?

Check the driver configuration in the project. Perhaps you have it initially configured for remote connection.