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I’m having some problem with a new Driver. I have to control a device with Telnet. I lose some information when I send a command to the device and thee devices answers to this command. Instead, if I send this command with Putty, I see the information I need. As you can see, the last line is lost, and I need it for the feedback information.

With the Iridium Log I get the following messages:

[02-02-2017 13:23:19.651] INFO SCRIPT text =

[02-02-2017 13:23:19.699] INFO SCRIPT text = Preset 1 2 // Received from the bus (Line 1)

OK // Received from the bus (Line 2)

// ------------- MISSING INFORMATION (Line 3)

But with the Putty in Telnet I get the following:

p 1 2 // Received from the bus (Line 1)

OK // Received from the bus (Line 2)

Preset 1, Area 2, Fade 2000, Join 0xff // Received from the bus (Line 3)

Thanks for your support.


thats tcp/ip, a message came within one, two or more packets. you have to sum the messages up in a string-variable in the EVENT_RECEIVE_TEXT function. than you have to look at a EOM (end of message) byte or text.

than you have to strip the part of the string-variable that you decoded, because maybe you have also another messages appended to the first one, etc...

iridium doesn't know when the message from a tcp/ip device is "done", so most of the times it works with one packet and one message, but i have for example a heating control here that sends out a xml-message that comes within 10 packets.

Helo Martin,

Thanks for your reply. The problem was a NUL character in the middle of the string that RECEIVE_TEXT is unable to convert.

Yes,I did it with receive_data and is working now. Thanks

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