"Stamp" tool

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  • a button in the Editor control panel, that activates a mode that copies visual settings (States) of a selected item onto any other items. Stamp make all items look similar in one click. The tool saves settings of all states of the sample-item and copies them on the recepient item. If the recepient has fewer stares, new ones are not added. If the recepinet has more states, extra states don't change their looks.


  • Select [ stamp ] toll on the Editor tools panel, press and hold ctrl and click on one of the items of a project. Now this items is sample-item.
  • Point the cursor on another item, click on it (option: click with held Alt) and visual settings of a graphical item are changed according to the sample-item.
  • [ stamp] [ \/ ] - when an arrow netx to the tool is pressed, dropdown menu shows a list of parameters for copying: size, color,opasity, alfa, text, font size, image, icon, etc. Put ticks next to the parameters that are to be copied.
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обязательна должна быть опция копировать настройки из Programming, не только визуальный стиль

по нажатию на стрелочку рядом с инструментом, открывается выпдающий список с перечнем параметров для "штамповки"

в этом списке может быть и programming