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How to install theme's

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I cannot find any documentation or leads in the video's on how to install theme's in studio. Also, "theme", "GUI" or "Wizard are keywords nowhere to be found in the documentation.

After installing the iRidium package, no theme's are installed by default. However I would like to test the wizard function to see if I can get my fresh RaspberryPi server working.

Waiting for user's reply

Hi, if you install iRIdium Setup with default settings, the themes should be available by default.

Please show what do you see when:

1. press the [ Start ] button in project properties:

2. And open Gallery


I did a default install of i3 from the download area. Everything is empty.

I'll do a reinstall. I noticed I was running an older version ( But the update function told me there was no update (bug?).

Ok, this works better.

However, what is the best way to add GUI's you publish in the iRidium downloadarea? For example the Black GUI. Can I use it in the theme wizard, or can I only reuse the graphics in the package?

the easiest way is to copy pages and graphics of your choice to gallery. You'll be able to use it in any project later.

also you can group items you like with Ctrl and drag it to gallery

also you can merge the project you like with your project to add pages and graphics (better if same screen resolution is used)