Ensure execution for macros (idea for reliable tasks)

Nikolay Rusanov 7 years ago in General updated by Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 7 years ago 2

If we want to use iRidium (pro and lite) for important tasks we need to be sure that proper feedback is received every time we run macros. We need a mode when command execution is checked.

Current macros:

Run command 1

Run command 2

Run command 3

No one cares if anything really happened. It's fast, yes, but need more reliable option.

Macros we need

Run command 1 | Check feedback 1

If no feedback 1 Run command 1 x3 times more

If no feedback 1 Send push

Run command 2 | Check feedback 2

If no feedback 2 Run command 1 x3 times more

If no feedback 2 Send push

I agree with Nikolay.

When the evening is starting, i execute 4 Commands from UMC Server:
in 90% --> all 4 Commands are executed
in 10% --> only 2 or 3 Commands are executed and 2 (or 1) NOT

This must be fixed!