Uploading server project with Transfer --> push is not working

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 7 years ago in Server Solutions updated 7 years ago 2


when uploading iRidium Serverprojects with the Transfer, push notifications are not working.

1) Why not?

2) Fix this.




It is not possible.

Push notification can be sent from Server to i3 pro via 2 cloud services: iRidium Cloud and Apple(Google) Push service.

With iRidium Transfer it is not possible to relate the Server with the list of control panels of some object that receives the notification. It is not possible to know what panels have to receive the notifications. With the client projects there is the same problem.

The needed relations between Server and Panels could be created only via iRIdium Cloud.

The rools of use of notificatins are available in the documentation.