Modbus Serial Setup GPIO on Rasp Pi3

Lance 7 years ago in Products / Modbus updated 7 years ago 4

I've got a Raspberry Pi3 Server and I would like to setup modbus with serial RTU connection from the Pi3 GPIO and or with USB/RTU converters. (I have more than one serial system I need to connect to.)

I'm only missing one thing, and perhaps it's rudimentary, but Where's the edit box for me to apply the com port in studio? (pics below) Am I stuck currently running IR.GetDevice commands to set the Port/Port Names?

I'm looking for a place to setup port names such as /dev/ttyS0 or /dev/ttyS1

Thank you for your help!


Image 18333

Image 18334

What version are you using?

ls -l /dev/tty*

IR.GetDevice("Modbus RTU").SetParameters({PortName: "/dev/ttyAMA0"}) // /dev/ttyUSB0
IR.Log(IR.GetDevice("Modbus RTU").PortName)


Version is v1.1.3.19396

I updated like two weeks ago, but before that I think it was pre v1.

I noticed I was missing things like routine and schedule in the server studio so I updated to my current version. I'll do a full reinstall and see if it shows up. Thanks !

One last thing I'd like to add. It seems when grabbing the Modbus RTU and dragging it into my device list, it does create the device and still does not show the host line just like I showed. Upon reopening the panel and server projects, the host line appears. So this was probably working, just not until I reopen the file...