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edit list item properties

igor 7 years ago in iRidium Script updated 7 years ago 2

How do you change properties for the list items in a template?

My template has 2 dynamic images next to eachother, so for each listitem I need to set 2 url's.

For example:

var list = IR.GetPopup("Pop_camera").GetItem("camera_list");

list.CreateItem(0,1,{Image: urlPrefix+cameras[i]});

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I do not quite understand what your problem is.

You use the correct syntax to change the item's settings on the List.

I thought I did it correctly, however the new feed doesn't show.

I think it's because I need to address the state, as the one below (without a list) functions correctly:


Edit: fixed. I was addressing the dummy beneath the feed apparently as the feed was passthrough I didn't get the correct item index'