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Clipsal feedback parameters from Measurement application

Evgeny 7 years ago in Products / Other drivers updated 7 years ago 3


How do feedback parameters in Studio ("Group", "Command", "Parameter" and "ParamArg") relate to arguments of channel measurement data ("Device ID", "Channel", "Units")? Can I get temperature data ("MSB", "LSB") without using scripts?

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C-Bus Application Messages & Behaviour.pdf

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Unfortunately, we do not support this application type in Clipsal driver.


So, сan I use a Script to get a string like "0519E4000E040100FE0902E2" to parse the required values? It would greatly simplify my life :(

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Все таки есть возможность получать "сырые" данные для обработки скриптами от системы или нет?