HTTP command with added dynamic value (and no script)

Nikolay Rusanov 7 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) updated 7 years ago 8

I need to send http://dweet.io/dweet/for/_channel_?data=XY 

and XY should be changed according to external tag from schemes:

Image 18994

And I donot want to use scripts, as it is a very simple task

Thank you

My HTTP channel is setup like this already, I just need $V value from external tag added

any support person see this?

Nikolay, what's the difficulty of adding a small JS code? You use schemes - but this is also JS.

IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_CHANNEL_SET, IR.GetDevice("AV & Custom Systems (HTTP)"), function(name, value) {  
   switch(name) {
      case "dweet": 
         IR.Log("send value: "+value);
         IR.GetDevice("AV & Custom Systems (HTTP)")
      case "other":

Set in Custom HTTP (TCP) Script Mode = Script Only, leave command URI empty

for server: http://support.iridiummobile.net/topics/11960-http-commands/

scripts are hard to use if you not a programmer (and iRidium is not for programmers, it is for installers).

Where is +value taken from? Can we use it as data modification, like this? (so tag which has this function selected sends data to http)? If yes, it would be a nice solution

for server best to use Virtual Channel (as in http://support.iridiummobile.net/topics/11960-http-commands/#comment-72483)

function modify_send (in_Type, in_Name, in_Value) 
    IR.Log("in_Type: " + in_Type + "in_Name: " + in_Name + "in_Value: " +  in_Value);
    IR.GetDevice("AV & Custom Systems (HTTP)")



nice, thank you last thing: what if we can replace _channel_ with the name of the tag? 

I tried


But did not work

IR.GetDevice("AV & Custom Systems (HTTP)")

Thank you very much!