iridium server initial settings

Silp Melafor 7 years ago in General updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 7 years ago 6

Hi guys,

in case of power disconnection the whole system shut down. All the settings will be gone. 

What is the right way to store and load initial setting of the system?

I would prefer to store settings into a file on iridium server machine.


How can I do that? tnx

All server settings are stored in files and database.

To store Tag last values use Persist option.

For Client you may use Project Tokens.

What platform are you using?

I tried to use server channel/tag using Persist option but I am unable to write server channel.

I have server channel and server tag with a same name.

When I read server tag I get saved data. Unfortunately, when I write server channel, the value won't write to tag.

I am using win10 client and server for test purposes.

I've read it is not possible to write server channel from client. 

How can I then  SET settings on a iridium server???