iridium server initial settings

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Hi guys,

in case of power disconnection the whole system shut down. All the settings will be gone. 

What is the right way to store and load initial setting of the system?

I would prefer to store settings into a file on iridium server machine.


All server settings are stored in files and database.

To store Tag last values use Persist option.

For Client you may use Project Tokens.

What platform are you using?

I tried to use server channel/tag using Persist option but I am unable to write server channel.

I have server channel and server tag with a same name.

When I read server tag I get saved data. Unfortunately, when I write server channel, the value won't write to tag.

I am using win10 client and server for test purposes.

I've read it is not possible to write server channel from client. 

How can I then  SET settings on a iridium server???

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