How can I connect a feedback channel to a button by script?

AdG 7 years ago in iRidium Script updated by Andrey S 7 years ago 1

I woulld like to use 1 Popup for several different rooms. So, I want to connect the feedback channels to the value property of the buttons on the Popup.

I made a script that puts the name of the channels in some project tokens. And now I want to connect the channel to the value property. So, not the value of the channel as text on the button at the moment the script is running. But, the value has to change, when the value in the channel is changing.

Can that be done? Or is that only possible by making an AddListener function to check the changing of the value, and then updating the value of the button?

SetGlobalListener and SubscribeTagChange can be useful.

Unfortunately, I could not get the AddRelation to work for the i3pro project

IR.AddRelation("System.Time.Minutes", "UI.Page 1.Item 1.Text")