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Good_List.Color won't change color

Lance 7 years ago in iRidium Script updated 7 years ago 7

The template/clones are all transparent. When switching the substate colors of a list, it always appears solid black and no other color is possible. In other words, ListName.Color doesn't seem to work.

I thought I had broken some code, but adding the same correct commands to your item_good_list demos I get the same results. is there another way to change the background of a good_list? 


Doesn't seem to work for a good_list either. If you can get it work, I would love to know how!

var l_oTemp = IR.CreateItem(IR.ITEM_POPUP,'popup1',0,0,320,50);
var btn1 = l_oTemp.CreateItem(IR.ITEM_BUTTON, "Button 1", 0, 0, 320, 50);
btn1.GetState(0).Border=2 ;
var l_oTemp2 =IR.CreateItem(IR.ITEM_POPUP,'popup2',0,0,320,50);
var btn2 = l_oTemp2.CreateItem(IR.ITEM_BUTTON, "Button 2", 0, 0, 320, 50);
var GList1 = IR.GetPage("Page 1").CreateItem(IR.ITEM_GOOD_LIST, "ConList", 50, 50, 320, 600);
   GList1.Color= 0xFFFFFFFF;
   GList1.SelectMode = 1; 
   GList1.Direction = 1; 
   GList1.Adapter = {
      total: 20,   
      GetCount : function ()  
               return this.total;    
      GetItem: function(in_nPos)  
         if (in_nPos % 2)
         var l_oItem = l_oTemp.Clone(l_oTemp.Name + in_nPos);
         var l_oItem = l_oTemp2.Clone(l_oTemp2.Name + in_nPos);  
         return l_oItem;   
      SetSelected : function (in_oItem, in_bSelected)  


List: http://support.iridiummobile.net/uploaded/file/15553/3/6454/749c9977bc4cbae3383b458419c4b782.irpz


to be helpful to the next person asking/looking at this question, your code above is using the good list, but it is changing the button colors, not the background of the list. The list is still black and if you change the code

GList1.Color= 0xFFFFFFFF;

to any other color it's not changing the color of the list. The GOOD_LIST background stays black. Unfortunately for Damian, the support ticket of 9195 was left answered by "the new list has limited functionality at the moment and will be refined" and that ticket is also 12 months old. (I mean no offense to Dmitry, as I know Iridium is a huge platform with many priorities that need attention and you guys have done a great job.)

These commands don't work, but probably should per the Iridium documentation:  http://dev.iridiummobile.net/List_API#Свойства_2

GList1.Color= 0x########; //<-your color here

we know this doesn't work. The result is always a solid black background

As Damian discussed in ticket 9195 and I've experienced:

GList1.GetState(0).FillColor = 0xFFFF00FF; 

errors with: "Tried to use null as an object"

and from what we have in the code up there, and in the LIST API Documentation:

IR.GetItem("Page 1").GetItem("GList1").Color = 0xFFFF00FF; 

will not work either.

When will the GList1.Color or some other command to change the background be available?

Please and thank you,


It explicitly says it "allows you to change the background of the list" 

(and yes I can see clearly above it states the API is in beta)

.Color0xFFFFFFFFtype: RGBA позволяет изменить цвет подложки списка

You are right.

For change background color of whole list use

l_list = IR.GetPage("Page 1").GetItem("ConList");
for "Items" you may change background color of Popups

Got it, Thank you!