razberry z-wave iridium driver support

Barry Jones 7 years ago in Products / Other drivers updated by Post 7 years ago 7

any tips to getting the Razberry iridium driver to work, can control Razberry from the browser control but cant get the driver to work, any one used it, would love some tips 

Did you follow the instructions in the manual? At what part do you notice things don't work for you?

Thanks for the reply, I ended up creating a second user account on the smart home software I got from z-wave.me and got it to work mostly don't get feedback on iridium driver if device is triggerd manually, also there are 3 versions on the iridium website all different, 2 need login details and one dose not, have tried all three and only one I could get to work was off the iridium v2 site, the iridium v3 site is a demo and can't be used, used the manual and some things work, can't get trigger button to turn off relay but will turn on. Even when following the manual. My dilemma is that iridium don't really have any complete retrofit zwave lighting solution for iridium v3 all the ones on the site are demo and can't be used without striping down and rewriting scripts. Should be able to use out of the box,  have you had any experience with this driver, would be good to get some advice to save an hours spent buggering around.



Indeed a second user is best to control Zway server. Only give the needed access to control the devices.

The most current (working) module should be here:


I have only done a small PoC with the Z-way module, so far no trouble when switching lights. I'll be doing more tests later on.

Sound system good will keep you informed of my outcomes

Just following up my findings on the thread, the zwave.me update seems not to give full control of devices, do you know who wrote this driver so I mad discuss my findings direct and maybe fix what needs to be fixed 


Developer: iRidium

I'm not sure if the code is available somewhere in Gitlab (i.e.) so we could evaluated and update.

Can you put your findings in this thread also?