ESPNET String support

mavlb 9 years ago in Products / Other drivers updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 7 years ago 7
How to read STRING from memory using EPSNET and visible in GUI?
text1 AT% R40000: STRING[10];
Please import the project to .pub format using this instruction.
Find a string variable in the list of registers in .pub file to be able to use this data in GUI Editor using this samples.
iRidium Supports Floar 32-bit data for EPSNET, so u need only set up the correct register type (maybe "R" type?). I cannot show you example becouse we are using Inels equipment for EPSNET, not Teco.
I would like to display the contents of variables text1.
Checked it with programmer, unfortunately, it is not possible to use the string in iridium now.
We made a task for the future developing, but we are not sure when it can be done.

Please vote the request to to emphasize its importance for you

I need this functionality too. Please add this to the IRidium Also please add import project to iridium as others.

I would also need this function. To be able to handle SMS Functions send to PLC. This thread is for Version V2.2 but we need it now for the new Version 3.

Oskana can you please move this voting to V3 forum. We don´t want it to be forgotten here. As we need this function in EPSNET.

Thank you