Server REST API Not Working

damian flynn 7 years ago in Server Solutions / Linux Server updated 7 years ago 2

I have followed the rough guide posted on https://support.iridiummobile.net/topics/283-server-rest-api/ and have failed to get any feedback from the server on the port 8443. When I switch to port 8888 on HTTP I make some progress, but most payloads are always returned blank.

For example the following request and response are typical.

    "type": "",
    "script_mode": "",
    "qr_mode": "",
    "server_max_clients": "",
    "datapoints": "",
    "serial": "",
    "expired": "",
    "products": []

My requirement is to change a driver value via the API; but so far I feel like I am missing an authentication step. Any guidance please?



BTW -  returns a 404


Hello, we not supported server API anymore. It depends on security issues.


Oh that's not what I was hoping to hear.  Do we have any options to externally  change the value on a device. For example remotely turn on or off a light using a HTTP endpoint. 

I would of course prefer to hit the server and not be dependent on a working internet to hit iridium cloud and relay back to the server. 

Obviously with the gateways for Alexa and HomeKit this must be achieved via a cloud endpoint. Can we authenticate to that service as an alternative?

Thank you