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Server not returning any data to client from tags on Windows 10.

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I downloaded latest iridium pro setup from your website and installed it on Windows 10.

iridium_pro_setup_1.1.8.548 server on Windows 10 is not returning any data to client.

Then I tried older installer iridium_pro_setup_1.1.7.539 and launched server.

Now server is returning data again to client as it should.

What can be the problem?

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Hi, what you have in log files of server?


Please specify which version of i3Pro and server are you using? Also, when connecting the panel to the server, look at what exactly is written to the server log. When connecting the panel to the server, in the server log you should see the following lines.

kind of same problem when using 1.1.8 client with 1.1.7 server. feedbacktags are only updated on the client when the client starts or a panel came back from sleep mode. but the values don't change when they changed on the server!

I can confirm this too, client 1.1.8 looks only compatible with server 1.1.8 on this matter.

Hello, is your problem still unresolved?

I think client was different version than server. But yes i think this is solved.

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