iRidium Pro an IP cameras

Martin Lang 7 years ago in Server Solutions updated by Andrey S 7 years ago 1


would it be possible that the iRidiumServer serves as a gateway for external i3 pro clients via internet connection?

currently when using ip cams in a project, you have to expose them to the outside world via port redirections on the router. so, would it be possible to let the iridium server take the picture information directly within the local lan and send the picture data to the i3 pro client within the iridium communication protocol?

or is this already possible and i missed it?

and, would it be possible to store a captured image to a network storage with a command within iridium server?


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For working with large amounts of data HTTP, SMB, NFS are best suited .. routers and NVR (Network Video Recorder)

Most modern cameras support writing to the network drive (including the creation of screenshots)

you can periodically copy file

for windows server command


copy c:\folder\file.img \\dest-machine\destfolder /Z /Y


expanded idea:

Please add the additional parameter DATA to IR.CreateImage function (as Base64, maybe)