Onvif-protocol for easy setup of IP-camera’s

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 3 years ago in Products / Other drivers • updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 2 months ago 14
Installers that are working in security-industry are asking us: is it possible to implement the Onvif-protocol for easy setup of IP-camera’s etc?

Please see www.onvif.org (http://www.onvif.org)
Waiting for user's reply

2 years later...

What's the status about this issue?? Many installer vote for it... Still not ready...

IS it still 'planned', or nobody paid attention to this issue for the last year?!?



The task remains in the plans in January to a low priority



In other words: voting by 23 installers has no value :-(



Indeed why should we vote? Nobody does something with that... Installers don't vote for no reason...

Sorry, but new challenges too, and they are not only from the forum. Voting definitely affects the development plan, but can not guarantee priority. Please participate in the poll, it is beneficial for you and for us.


Then please remove the status 'planned', because it's not planned at the moment.




Theo, "the task remains in the plans in January to a low priority" It's planned ;)


I'm sorry to see how useless in acting to feedbacks the team is. There're so many ideas left unattended, poorly tackled or staged to "planned". IMHO, I believe it is just a matter of profit rather than prioritising or management.


Hi guys,

I was reading this and i want to write some words about the last comment... (Sorry for the long text).

I am also eager of some things to be finally implemented.(Especially when its about EPSNET.) I have been with Iridium since the beginning. And many times i am frustrated that things take so long to be implement and i also complain in this forum. But you also have to think about how big the company is and how many workforce do they have. They are not Microsoft.

So things take longer and seeing Iridium growing from a simple GUI software to a full fledged Software tool is quite amazing. Also don´t forget their support is quite good... if something is not working the try to fix it with you together until its done.

Saying that it is a matter of profit is not fair at all. Iridium pricing has always been transparent and fair. (Example see recent changes where they went back to say that SIP Protocol and other parts will be included in the price of one licence.) I think this was a good step and fair for everybody.

Now a Issue i agree with you is that I do understand that Iridium tries to innovative with new functions ever year.

And what i feel a problem might be is that over the years since Iridium Version 1 we kept moving forward to a more and more complex Tool, so i personally think we should stick with what we have for now and keep perfecting it before moving on into more and more functions but leaving half finished versions behind.

That´s the only worry i have at the moment.

So you have to put everything into context when complaining. If they had lots and lots of workforce you would pay lots and lots for a licence.

Can someone tell something about the status of this issue?



Any news on Onvif Protocol ? Is it now implemented?

Hello, we implemented onvif to the module for i3lite https://www.iridiummobile.net/store/?moduleID=514

And now we working with merging all modules from lite to pro. I hope it will be released in the nearest future