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Scanning the HDL buspro network and recognition of the wired devices behind the wireless gateway HDL-MBUS/GWRF.40

Renato Habek - PRO-AIT d o o. 7 лет назад в Products / HDL-BUS Pro обновлен Tatiana Kiselyova (expert) 7 лет назад 3

Hi, it looks like iRidium scanner does not recognize correctly HDL buspro wired devices when they are connected behind the wireless gateway MBUS/GWRF.40

Whole network is wireless and one floor heating module is connected to the wireless network through the MBUS/GWRF.40 gateway. When scanned, it shows just as an HDL buspro device without any property except the ID. Is that something that can be resolved in any future versions?

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Tell me, please, what is your version of iRidium Studio?

This device is not supported by the scanner, but you can add it by hand.

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