setting volume on emulator

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how to set volume in apps i3 use scirpt?


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When you play an audio file in a project, you can specify the volume via

IR.PlaySound (File_Name,Slot_Number,Volume);

Volume is the volume level. Read more here. Note that you cannot control the volume of the audio stream in RTSP. To avoid distortion, the sound from the RTSP is played "as is".

ok how to script for control by slide bar or button up/down...

hi,i want control like is the picture....

i already use "IR.StopAllSounds();" but after i push button for sound active the audio not on?what happen...


In the picture - you control the general volume in the app. If you want to control the general volume via script, use IR.GetVariable ("System.Sound.Volume"); and IR.GetVariable ("System.Sound.Mute");
Read more here.
Explain in more detail what you have attached to the button with which you want to activate audio playback?


i want if i press button icon volume the sound is off and if i press again icon volume 
 the sound is on like is trigger button...


Sample project with adjustment in iRidium general audio via JavaScript: