Iridium server scheduler and data logger

Alessandro Munari 9 years ago in Server Solutions / Windows Server updated by Oksana (expert) 7 years ago 3

Hi team,

something is missing now is a scheduler and a data logger. I'm coming from industrial controllers and the very first thing that a noticed is the lack of the scheduler and the datalogger. That are very useful when you do automation projects that use timers, and in project where you whant to store some variabiles for example for energy consumption metering. I know that you are planning to do that, but put on top of your priorities in your first version of the official release.

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Hello Alessandro,

About "a data logger". We use a data base. when we want to storage data from equipment.

For example: http://support.iridiummobile.net/topic/922019-parametryi-zapisi-tegov-v-sistemnuyu-bazu-dannyih/

Then we can view this data via trend (in client), or in web-interface.

About "a scheduler". Unfortunately, in the first version of the official release, you can add scheduler only via script, but in the next release we will try to provide you more easy instrument.

Hello Alessandro,

We release setup 1.1.0 with the first version of schedules and routines! Instruction is here.

Did you try to work with this option? Can you have any questions?

We are waiting your feedback!