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Automatic time-update via i3-Gate

Martin Lang 8 лет назад в Products / HDL-BUS Pro обновлен Oksana (expert) 8 лет назад 1


would it be possible to add a function in the upcoming i3-Gate to automatically update the Logic-Module (HDL-buspro) in a regular interval (once a day) to keep the Logic-Module which broadcasts the time/date to panels and internal logic functions up2date on "DaylightSaving"-Changes.

I checked out the communication protocol via UDP to the logic-module if you need that info.

So when using the i3-Gate with HDL-buspro this would be an awesome add-on. Its really annoying to allways login to the HDL logicmodule and do a time-change so that the client sees the correct time on the DLP panels.

With best regards,

Martin Lang - MEB Austria

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