Windows version as a Windows Service

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Will the Windows version of iRidium Server be made into a Windows Service? Currently it is an exe but really should be a service
thanks :)
We are laying this kind of architecture in the future
How far in the future please?
the exact dates can not say. I think that before the end of the year
Before the end of the year will be great - it is something that installers will ask :)

So, it will be ready within 2 weeks from now ;-)

Let's wait for the new update! Great improvement!

Is it working? I´ve installed with the Server 32 as a service, but it is not working. I have to log in Windows and double click the server 32 icon in order to run the server.

Win 10 Home, iRidium Server (build, Apr 12 2016 18:36:46).

The server is on test mode.

for the moment you can install Server as an application only, the service is not stable enough.

It has been added as a beta function, but not implemented in Release version. You'll be able to try it later

Hi Ekaterina,

have you an ETA for release this feature?

Waiting...How can I auto-run iRidium Server on startup?



To add a server to the startup you can use Windows task scheduler.

1) Right click mouse on This PC icon.

2) Choose Task Scheduler

3) Then Click on "Create Task"

Hi Dmitry!

Please add this info in Wiki: dev.iridiummobile.net