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Cashing of data received for trends

Oksana (expert) 9 years ago in Server Solutions updated 9 years ago 1

Cash the data downloaded to the client for their displaying in a trend for one session.



1. Open the page with the trend.

2. The client starts downloading data from the database and display them in the trend.

3. Close the page with the trend (or minimized i3 pro).

4. Open the page with the trend again.

-> the data start to download from 0 - it takes time and if the data are received via the mobile Internet it also takes extra traffic.

What we want:

4. Open the page with the trend again

-> the data which were downloaded before are uploaded from cash and only new data is downloaded from the database (if there was some time since you last opened the page with the trend).

The data which are not required (out of the displayed Range) can be gradually deleted.