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Static list suggestions

Nikolay Rusanov 8 лет назад обновлен AlejandroG 5 лет назад 3

From my personal work with static lists I would suggest to update it's behavior:

- when first or last popup is selected, it should not try to move further, opening background

- there should be "infinite mode" when after last popup first popup is shown

- there should be "non-page" mode, when drag stops immediately, once finger is up

Please vote!

Идет голосование

Another idea is add an option for show scroll bar permanently.

For example in the parameter "Scroll Bar" we can choose for:

- "Never/Hide/False" for invisible scroll bar (as actual "False" value)

- "Momentary/Auto-Hide" for temporarly show (as actual "True" value)

- "Always/Show/True" for always visible scroll bar

Almost 2 years ago, 17 up-votes.. seems like it's time to revisit the (static) list functionality.

Another request: please add a .Count property to the lists.

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