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Two Ethernet-Interfaces for i3 Server

Martin Lang 8 лет назад в Server Solutions обновлен 8 лет назад 4


please make it possible to use multiple ethernet ports with i3 server to separate the control lan

from the automation lan.

it should be possible to use the "house" wlan-router from the owner to connect an ipad/iphone/windows/android client. so one ethernet port should be connected to that lan.

a second lan-port on the i3 server should be connected to the automation lan like the UDP/TCP gateways for KNX, HDL-Buspro, etc. to separate the "normal" house lan/wlan from the automation-lan.


Best regards,

Martin Lang

how do others avoid abuse when the gateways are on the same net as the normal lan/wlan?

for example, on Cisco routers you can manage traffic as you need

but thats making the thing not easier. on the current gate-application for i2 on windows, it works fine with two ethernet interfaces. i don't really understand why people want to have the house-controlling-gateways on the same net as the public lan. it is possible to run the normal lan and a vlan tagged lan on the same ethernet interface on the raspberry, so the only thing i3 pro server on the rasperry should look up where to send the data out. or, maybe linux is doing this by its own?

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