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Server Sends commands to offline devices

Jackie Roos 8 лет назад в Server Solutions обновлен 8 лет назад 2


When server is not connected to a device, it will still try and send a command (tested only in Windows server). This could have undesired side-effects as it could cause an error in the driver.

Please change server so that if a device if offline, even if the client sends a command, no commands are sent

In the short term I will put this in my drivers (Except UPD drivers as they report as online when they are not: http://support.iridiummobile.net/topics/9006-server-project-upd-showing-a-online-when-it-is-not/)

   IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_CHANNEL_SET, THIS.DEVICE, function(command, value){                      
      if (IR.GetVariable("Global.Online")){    


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This is another 'feature' that is present in Visualisation projects and iRidium 2, but not iRidium 3 server projects!

Please just implement as a missing function, and plan it rather than have voting for it.

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