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autostart linux server

Erik van den Brink 8 years ago in Server Solutions / Linux Server updated by Jackie Roos 8 years ago 3


Is there a command or setting to autostart the server on a linux device?

Also the "W" button shortcut isn't working in the server i think this need's to be checked.

I'm using a PC running Xubuntu 16.04 LTS

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When the server is installed on Linux devices, it automatically goes to the startup. I.e. after installing the server, it should start automatically at system startup.

In order to run a web interface of server in the browser by pressing W, try to determine the OS default browser. In order the links to automatically open in it.

The autostart on Ununtu 16.04 is not working

steps to replicate

  1. sudo ./iridium
  2. have an app connected that shows online status of iridium server driver - shown working and connected here
  3. restart Linux
  4. App shows as offline
  5. When linux restarts briefly shows as online and then offline & System monitor does not show iRidium in the active processes once restarted

Same happens if run server as a daemon, it does not start when linux starts.