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linux server won't start because of eth0 error

Erik van den Brink 8 years ago in Server Solutions / Linux Server updated by Leandro Augusto 8 years ago 10 1 duplicate


I wanted to run the iridium server software on a HP ProLiant ML350 Server.

When i installed the software and wanted it to run i get the next error

Image 12821

I think the error is in the eth0 interface because this interface is not known by the server as it's called by default: enp3s0.

How can i rename this interface to eth0 or is there another way to solve this problem?

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Hello Eric,

Please, send "sudo fdisk -l" and give us answer

This is what comes out of that command:

Under review

Ok, thank you.

We research it.

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Hello Eric,

You should update your server. The update file is attached. servers_for_linux.rar

Use the parameter of HDD selection at server launch.
./iridium --hdd=/dev/sda


--hdd - the parameter
/dev/sda - the way to the selected disk (it can be different)

I'm getting this problem as follows:

Hello Leonardo. Please, tell us what disk type do you use: SATA or SAS? Maybe RAID?