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Damian Hartin 8 years ago in iRidium Script updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 8 years ago 4

Am following the sample project for the new list - is there any way to set the alpha channel for the list created in script? i.e. having a list with only a black background isn't great.

Also, where is all the documentation for this? I can't see anything on IR.ITEM_GOOD_LIST or anything recent about list management in general.


Waiting for user's reply


Item "List" created through the scripts has the same properties as the item "List" created in a graphics editor. Therefore, access to its properties is the same.

For example:

   var List = IR.CreateItem(IR.ITEM_LISTBOX,"List 1",30,40,400,500); 
   List.GetState(0).FillColor = 0xFFFF00FF ;

In the end we get another color of the item

Full list of the properties of the elements you can see in our Wikipedia

Thanks Dimitry - but I'm talking about the i3 Pro List which seems to be different?

e.g. the list is created as: lstMyList = IR.GetItem("pgMain").CreateItem(IR.ITEM_GOOD_LIST, "lstMyList", 100, 150, 630, 250); - not IR.ITEM_LISTBOX

using: lstMyList.GetState(0).FillColor = 0xFFFF00FF; errors with: "Tried to use null as an object"

Sorry, not attentively read a question. Unfortunately, at the moment, the new List has limited functionality, but in the future we are going to refine it.