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Hi there,

I tried to connect an i3 visualisation project to a MQTT Broker , but in the iridium MQTT driver there is not place to inform the files about client ( certificate file, key file, CA file ) for SSL connection.

Could someone please help me with a sample

Attached an image with sample of a MQTT Client connection data.

I am trying to connect to an AWS IoT MQTT Broker

Thanks in Advance,

Joseanio Galdino



Hello everybody,

You can check SSL connection with setup 1.1.2


Hello Joseanio,

In current version, MQTT driver is beta and can't connect via SSL. We will inform you, when we add this functional for test.

Is MQTT supported for Server?


Yes, MQTT will work on the server.

Any update on when secure MQTT will be available? (it is quite useless with no SSL)


MQTT with SSL included in the development plan in the spring of 2017


Hello everybody,

You can check SSL connection with setup 1.1.2

i was able to connect with azure iot but dont know how to send topic and publish data and also how to retrieve data  

can give a example of mqtt publish and subscribe on iridium

you mean to say 

mqtt publish ---> mqtt command ?

mqtt subscribe --> mqtt feedback ?


Is there anyway to troubleshoot the outgoing and incoming messages. i am not getting  publish word in the debug window but from third party tool which i send publish topic them i am getting publish word in debug window.  i am trying with azure iot hub

can you tell me your connection information so i can try?

This does not look like login for me


what you send me is username password may expired  try below one. you can cross check with mattbox.

SharedAccessSignature sr=philips.azure-devices.net%2Fdevices%2Fsensor1&sig=2lQko76Fzjhxck%2Fx3iqSh1uJlvLDIhsVELu8PGkzoKk%3D&se=1499607655

SharedAccessSignature  is not a password or login =) I don't know what it is

I see this is really login now. Just do not have time yet to check on real Azure. Maybe someone from support can.

I will try today, but is quite busy yet

Thanks rusanov.  I strongly believe that the issue with Iridium nothing to do with azure.

I subscribed to Azure but cannot find any information of how to get MQTT running, broker address etc.

are you trying where? It requires for connect azure iot hub

can you help me to resolve it ?