iRidium Server as Docker image?

Martin Lang 8 years ago in Server Solutions updated 8 years ago 2

i don't know if you know docker and the technology behind. but, thats currently a realy hype. you could easily build a docker image from a base linux image like debian, ubuntu and co. you can install your iridium server within that docker and your done. and the best, you can upload this docker on the docker:hub like hundrets of other companies did it until now. and a user can then use that docker image on every platform that supports docker, like synology nas systems, any linux systems, etc... :-)

Hi Martin!

This is really great news!

Did you already upload an image to hub.docker.com?

If not, can you create an image and upload it? So other iRidium-users can test iRidium Server on Synology NAS?

Thanks in advance!

Theo Derks


Hi, no i'am no Linux expert and i don't have much time at the moment. But it was my plan yes. All that i saw about Docker and on YouTube Videos, its really great. You tell in the Dockerfile that you would use a Ubuntu or Debian Base-Image, you set the ports for in/out and your hit run. Then it should be easily possible to install the Linux-Version of iridium3 Server within this "VirtualLinuxMachine". And, it uses A LOT less processing power and ram to run the iRidium-Docker aside the normal OS. And i want it on my Synology NAS. :-)