Raspberry Pi and SD-cards *** warning ***

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 8 years ago in Server Solutions / Linux Server updated 7 years ago 2


after hours and hours of testing, installing, contacting support (thanks Oleg ;-) ), i found out that you can expect problems with some brands SD-Cards.

i used Kingston SDCIT/16Gb and SDCIT/32Gb cards with brand new Raspberry Pi Model 3, and have had much troubles with it.

After googling in the internet, i found out these cards are not 100% compatible with RaspBerry Pi.

So, please, take care for the right brand and type (also the type is important) using in RaspBerry Pi.



Also, speed can be an issue. I've noticed quite some difference in RasPi projects using different cards. So far I use 32/63Gb Sandisk Class 10 cards. They work ok and are pretty fast.

Hi Post,

At our webshop (www.iRidiumServer.nl / www.iRidiumServer.com), we are selling our iPi servers, based on Class 10 cards only.

They are already used in projects, and untill now without problems.