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Server losts connection to BAOS after a week...

Alex2000 8 years ago in Server Solutions / Windows Server updated by Oksana (expert) 8 years ago 1


I'm testing I3 pro functionality (in trial mode) and found that server looses connection to KNX Baos after a week or so. It says in the log:

"Time of waiting for connection is over!

License of controlled device is not found!"

When this happens - rebooting of PC or Iridium Server doesn't solve the problem. The only way to fix this - is full cleanup (Uninstall application and deleting User docs manually) and Reinstalling of I3 pro software from scratch.

First time when it happenned I thought it was random corruption. So one week ago I reinstalled i3 pro software.

But yesterday it happened again. Server couldn't connect to the Baos!

If i upload the project to the panel without server - it works properly communicating with baos directly. So the problem not in Baos definetely. Baos is working.

Another problem:

During installing of application I point that server should start automatically after PC reboot. But in fact this never happens. I always have to start the server manually.

P.S. I run the server on Intel NUC6I3SYK.

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If you use the server in Test mode, exactly one week the effect of this mode will end.


So you have stops working connection to your equipment, because the license ends.