Strange bug in Gallery

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 8 years ago in Applications / Studio (Server editor) 0


This is my actual gallery (iRidium samples/Backgrounds/Android Phone/768x1366)

Image 13472

And this is a screenshot of my Explorer with this gallery:

Image 13473

And THIS is the content of my Explorer with this same gallery, but from 2.2:

Image 13475

When i DELETE the CONTENT of the OLD (2.2) Gallery, this is the new situation:

Image 13476

An empty folder (2.2)

And THIS is the situation in Studio Gallery:

Image 13477


There is a relation in iRidium Studio with OLD gallery, used in 2.x

This is VERY unpleasant, and NOT ok.

We THINK it's something with the thumbnails.db files, used in old Studio/GUI Editor versions.

That's the reason we asked > 2 years ago for a function to REBUILD the Gallery in case of problems (like THIS).

Still not implemented this function (rebuild), so the only solution is: fix this bug.