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event driven feedback to subscribe for

andrey senik 8 years ago in Products / AV & Custom Systems updated 8 years ago 2

Hi Community

I'm making a wrapper to arrange array of identical custom AV drivers.Wrapper is needed to route channels and feedbacks to signle GUI controls that dinamicaly get linked to certain instance of AV driver.

I easily can deliver channel messages to required AV driver instance by IR.GetDevice("device name").Set(name, value) API command. But I can't find how to subscribe for feedback driven by change of AV driver instance's feedback.

I can use method IR.GetDevice("MyDevice").GetFeedback("MyFeedbackChannel") and loop for updating, but prefer to use event driven model.
Looked throug I found IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_TAG_CHANGE, IR.GetDevice(Device_Name), function(name, value) but it doesn't work for feedback tags.

Please advise for event driven feedback subscription?


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For feedback from driver AV&Custom uses listener event


Dmitry, thanks for reply

I made wrapper as AV$Custom class to have events/tags.

And real HW derivers are based on AV$Custom.

How HW driver can send event to be received by wrapper AV$Custom subscribed on IR.ENENT_RECEIVE_TEXT or DATA?